Sports & Activities

Sports Activities
Sports activities is an integral part of education.Students enjoy playing various games in the game periods.

Houses Activities
All the students are divided into four under named houses to maintain discipline and develop personalities

1.Shaheed Bhagat Singh House
2.Punjab House.
3.Science House.
4.Lala Hardayal.

Each house has two members of the staff seleted by draw to perform incharge duties

Weekend assembly is organised on Saturday in the second half by the concerned House. Debates,Quiz Copetition,Chart Making, Rangoli,and Lectures by staff and invited guests are the part of the assembly to ignite righteousness,reasoning,creative writing,good humen and listeners.

Our students should be

1. The ones who are affectionate towards their country, motherland and nature.
2. Merciless and cruel towards the enemies of their motherland.
3. Clear hearted, obedient and good citizens.
4. Kind hearted and helpful to the poor and needy.
5. Understand the importance of time.
6. Cleanliness should be made a practise.
7. Concentration during studying and be punctual.
8. Their ideals should be scientists and martyres.
9. Respectful to parents and community members.
10. Thirsty for education and good academics.