Rules & Conduct

Rules For Leave

(A)Students are required to have low absentism
(B)Leave application should be signed by either parent.
(C)The name of the student will be struck off for remaining absent from the class for a week without any information.

Protocols for the students

1. Every child is responsible to obey the school authorities.
2.Every student has to be hardworking, co-operative, obedient, courteous, cordial and affectionate.
3.Students should be respectful and welcoming to the guests who visit the institute.
4.Students should follow the dress code and keep their surroundings neat and clean.
5.It is mandatory for all students to attend the morning assembly.
6.Students should line up and move to maintain the academic atmosphere.
7.Girls will exit the class first for home.
8.It is compulsory to carry gate pass whenever going out of class.
9.All students should pay attention to their studies during teaching.
10.Except school text books no other book or magazine is prohibited.
11.After school students should make it a point to reach home.

For parents

1.Students should carry the diary daily. Parents have to sign it daily after checking the homework. They can also write complaint or any suggestion in the diary.
2.Reason for being absent a day before should be written in diary.
3.Parents should show full cooperation if their wards are taken for sports, cultural activities and educational tours.
4.Tuition is not allowed for students.
5.Parents are requested to attend PTA meetings and other institute functions whenever invited.
6.Parents are not allowed to meet their wards in classrooms.
7.Parents have right to enquire about the study of their wards.
8.Principal can permit parents to meet their wards.
9.Parents are responsible to check the lunch boxes and books of kindergarten students.